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NEW! - Shred XP

Securely delete all traces of current files, previously ‘deleted’ files, recycle bin, drive free space, Internet trails and system activity as well as trails generated from other installed programs.

Shred XP comes in two editions, Expert and Basic Plus.

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Shred XP Basic Plus Edition is intended for users who have specific files, folders, recycle bin, free space and internet trails to shred using basic shredding methods.

Shred XP Expert Edition excels beyond Basic Plus by offering more proven standard methods of shredding including a host of third-party (other installed) program traces while also allowing users to add files to the “the tree” of third-party programs, loading and saving trees on demand.

Shred XP Edition Specific Breakdown:

Shred XP Edition Features

Expert Edition

Basic Plus Edition

Shreds User-Selected Files on Demand

Shreds Drive Free Space and File Tips

Displays per-shred-pass Verification OnScreen


Displays per-shred-pass Mini-View of File OnScreen


Shreds Internet Explorer Trails:

   I.E. History

   I.E. Cache

   I.E. Typed URLs

Shreds Windows (System) Trails:

   Recent Document List

   Recent Searches

   Recent Run Commands

   Temp Directory

Reads Recycle Bin Information (including subdirectories)

Shreds Recycle Bin Files (including subdirectories and entries)

Shreds with Government & Industrial Proven Standard Shredding Methods:


   Single Pass

   Triple Pass

   U.S. Government DOD Directive 5200.28 Level

   Double US Government DOD Directive 5200.28 Level


   18-pass MFM Gutmann


   23-pass (2,7) RLL Gutmann


   26-pass (1,7) RLL Gutmann


   35-pass Gutmann


   U.S. Army AR380-19


   U.S. Navy NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL)


   U.S. Navy NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM)


   German VSItR


   Russian GOST P50739-95


Shreds FAT File name, size, date, time and starting location.

Optional Password Protection

Optionally Shred Through Read-Only Files

Optionally Shred Through Shared Files

Automatically Traverses User-Selected Subdirectories




Explorer Shell Integration:

   Drag and Drop Files or Folders for Listing or Shredding

   Context Menu (right click) Files and Folders to Shred

   Right click Drives to Shred Free Space

   Property Tab on Drives allows Shredding Free Space

   Right click Recycle Bin to Shred Recycle Bin Contents

   Property Tab on Recycle Bin allows Recycle Bin Shredding




Shred Third-Party (“other installed”) Program Traces:


   Multimedia: (Windows Media Player, DivX Player, MusicMatch Player, Real One Player, ACDSee, ...)


   Chat Programs: (ICQ, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ...)


   Newsreaders: (Forte Agent, ...)


   Readers/Viewers: (Adobe Acrobat, GIF Animator, ...)


   Downloaders: (Audiogalaxy Satellite, Bearshare, ...)


   NEW! SPECIAL! Lifetime Subscription to third-party program updates!





HOT: Add Your Own Extensions to “The Tree” of Third Party Program Listings





Optional Automatic Revision Updates of Shred XP (2.00 to 2.99)

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Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer

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Shred XP Expert Edition

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