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Windows XP - Service Pack 2 introduced a change that causes an exception window to appear when using Explorer with Shred XP. (No problems happen, except for the annoying exception window). We have uploaded a fix for this...

After having already installed Shred XP, download and install this DLL update:
You can download and install this DLL for any and all operating systems (it works for all). And, if you plan in upgrading to XP-SP2, please install this fix first to avoid any annoying messages.

If you have questions, please write

-The ShredXP Team

Notice: Always be sure to download the latest version of Shred XP (which is 2.01.01 Build 150).

Support Tree:

Online Support Form:
Our primary support is through email with a relatively quick response. In order to get as much information as possible, please use our
online support form which asks most of the important questions in identifying a problem or answering a question.

Considering downloading an update? Here’s the What’s New list.

If the online support form is insufficient to pose your question, you can
Email Tech Support at

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