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What’s New List

Added in 2.01.01:

  • Verification - Shred XP (optionally) verifies every overwrite pass of each file.
    (Expert Edition)
  • Mini-View  - Shred XP (optionally) shows you a mini-view of each file.
    (Expert Edition)
  • Added a few more plugins including CHKDSK files.

Fixed in 2.01.01:

  • ‘Old Disk Utility’ message no longer appears for specific Win98 OSs.
  • Various rare Invalid Exception messages handled.

Fixed in 2.00.11:

  • The “invalid window handle” message upon registering is fixed.

New to 2.00.11:

  • Also - the Basic Plus Version now includes the single, triple and DoD shredding levels while the Expert Edition includes over a dozen shredding levels.
  • And - the Basic Plus Version now includes the ability to shred the recycle bin.

Near Improvements:

  • Enhancements: We will be adding >alot< of items to the “Tree Area” allowing many more program trails to be shredded.  If you have a specific program or programs that you want trail-shredded, please fill out this form OR email us to submit your requests.

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